May 9, 2014

Feeling fullfilled in language learning...what?

Hello people!

Today I am writing from a school library, because my life took unexpectable turn, and I completely forgot about the fact that my first lesson will star earlier plus that it will take place somewhere else.
It's cool though because I can reflect upon my life, finish some papers (if I have any) and in addition to that I can write a post that I have been planing on writing a very long time.

Sometimes I feel like a cheater when it comes to language learning. All of my languages are very similar to the languages I already know, so when I say to some people "I am learning Norwegian" they just look at me weirdly like "Learning Norwegian is easy when you know Swedish you loser" and then I am starting to think that I don't feel like I accomplished anything "nice".  I am not thinking about suprising other people, but I would like to surpise myself. Prove to myself that I can learn Xhosa, Arabic or Monolian and I think that I will have to learn some very "foreign" language to really satisfy my "linguistic needs"

But wait...

In this post I will try to prove to myself (and you too, if you need that encouragement) that no matter what language you are studying - it still takes time and hard work

Norwegian isn't easy. It isn't easy for me because my Swedish completely interferes with it. I still have to learn new words, listen and struggle to get to the point when I can really say that I speak Norwegian. Right now, I speak Swedish with many Norwegian words (Not other way around) and it will take time untill I will acquire a good pronunciation so people won't think that I speak Swedish (It has taken place when I spoke with one person on Skype. She thought that I was speaking Swedish, when it actually was my broken Norwegian drowned in overly melodic Swedish accent). Maybe I shouldn't be so self-conscious and just notice that I am definitely working hard and I don't need to study Latin to prove it. Easy language, hard language - bullshit! EVERY LANGUAGE takes time to learn and I finally understood it.

If you ever feel like a cheater or somebody who doesn't work as hard as others because you learn the "easy" languages, think about those who never learn a language...

I hope that this post will give you something to think about. I don't care that my languages are all similar. Even better...I will learn all of the Germanic languages and then Slavic too, so take that you dumb and incompetent brain of mines!

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