January 11, 2015

My first 30 Day Challenge - Dutch in 30 Days?

One of my new year's resolutions was to watch at least 1 TED talk/day. I personally find these talks inspiring and they make me want to kick some butt (not literally). One talk that I watched and that made me most inspired was a talk by Matt Cuttis "Try something new for 30 days". Matt had me since the first few seconds of the talk and after watching it, very energized and motivated, I decided to come back to challenges (which I stopped doing few months ago) and get to work. Since that day (7th of January), I decided that I will do some challenge every month (not necessarily language related) to learn more things and maybe introduce some new habits in my life.

First one challenge had to be language related though...and I started to learn Dutch straight after watching the ?? (Any synonyms for "talk"?)

My goal is to get conversational in Dutch in 30 days! I already know German, so I am confident that I will succed (I'm 3 days in and I already made some nice progress :P). I will be using Duolingo (already 14 skills in), Memrise (mostly first few thousand words) and some other internet courses (I'll write a post with useful resources soon). My plan is to study at least 30 minutes daily (of course I can do more, and I probably will most of the time) and we'll see where I'll get by the end of the month.

To make it more interesting, I will be posting some updates to make this whole thing more official :)

Wish me luck and wait for a next post where I will write about my initial thoughts about the language and some more specific resources that I will use :)


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