April 12, 2014

Am I losing my mother tongue?!

Hello people!
The first REAL post on this blog is going to be about a problem that I encountered quite recently. Simply, I realized that when I am speaking Polish (my mother tongue), I am making horrible mistakes when it comes to syntax and even declensions. Before I came to Sweden in 2011, I knew fluently only one language. Now, I am quite fluent in 3 and I can communicate in another 2. Also since then English became my first-second language and I am using it more than Swedish, even though I live in Sweden.

I can't say that my Polish is bad. I am quite educated with big enough vocabulary to not sound dumb, but since few months, I started to make mistakes that I would never make before. This is creepy and I need to consider improving on my Polish.

It was long ago I watched something in Polish or even listened to radio. My day is simply full of any other languages and my daily "language schedule" looks like this:

- School: Swedish, English, German, occasionally Serbian or Russian.
- Home: Some Polish with my mom, English, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Serbian and many others while using internet (listening, chatting, watching stuff and writing blogs)
- Outside: Some Polish with one of my friends, English and Swedish with everybody else (more English actually)

This little "schedule" shows that Polish is the language I am using least. Does that mean that I am slowly "losing" it and that in a few years I'll be speaking like Yoda? Maybe...

I think it is time to improve on my poor and abandoned Polish. How could I ever let it happen?!
My mission for this week, since I have holidays, is to read at least one challenging book in Polish. A book that will teach me something new and that is written in some harder language. I have few of those on my shelf, so only reading is left.

I hope you enjoyed reading this horrible, literal failure. I would like to get better at writing but I keep standing in one place and I don't see any improvements. This blog is slowly going to hell and I don't know if I can do anything about it.


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